Racing team

The year 2006 saw the first steps in the history of the Racing Team that was led by youthful maximalism and accompanied by a thought that there is nothing impossible. When the club was in its early stages, it became apparent that all its members were more or less eager to prove themselves on a racing circuit, therefore simple rides on the track of the Nemunas Ring of Kačerginė turned into a tradition. We say simple rides because it was just the beginning of training, today everybody would likely admit that after taking the first round, they realized that it was still necessary to keep learning, learning and learning how to ride properly, not to mention an attempt to race. Everybody embarked on active search for information, ‘riding instructions’, on the Internet and in books, among ‘those having a better understanding’. It was impossible to avoid fall-offs and painful experiences, eventually everybody figured out that in the beginning it was necessary to ride using your head and taking into account trajectories, speeds, grip levels, weather conditions and tire pressures, and to do this not only on a circuit. Brother Vito (Vitalijus Liniovas) was the first one to whom this training became the bible of his life in an effort to save up additional seconds while taking rounds.

In 2007, being determined to race, he participated in his first competition and on September 9, 2007 he fought his way to first place in the C-600 class. The club supported him in every possible way; it mounted race bivouacs, serviced the motorcycle, undertook washing, laundering and cooking, and staged a celebration in the finals when he succeeded in crossing the finish line.

In a parallel manner an increase in the popularity of ATVs (four-wheelers) dictated a number of participations in amateur enduro and orientation rally competitions. The emergence of four-wheelers eliminated the concept of the motorcycling season. Starting from this moment, motorcycling activities continued for 365 days a year. Brother Pažėra (Darius Pažėra) deserves to be called the pioneer of ‘the draft’ of four-wheelers in the club.

In the same year it was decided that the club would purposefully develop the activities of the Moto Brothers Racing Team and would seek to provide club and team members with assistance according to its possibilities.

In 2008 the following well-known ‘specialists’ of the former Moto World Ring Road joined the Moto Brothers Racing Team: Nauris Pilkionis, Arnas Butautas and Vaidas Urbietis. We had 4 racers in total. It should be reminded that the National Motorcycle Sport Federation founded by Aivaras Miliūnas carried out an enormous amount of work in popularizing it when it was in the state of ‘the ring road’ back then. The season used to be hot; it would attract particular attention to racings on the track of the Nemunas Ring of Kačerginė and would gather an abundance of both spectators and racers. It is a dangerous sport though, therefore the joint group of Lithuanian racers failed to escape painful injuries. Our achieved results are included in the table, our emotions are captured in photographs and our days and nights are retained in memories. These guys are our heroes of those times. Team results show that the club won first place. Moto Brothers are number one in Lithuania – we were proud of this achievement.

In 2009, taking into consideration the dangers of ‘ring’ races on previous circuits, the club decided to pursue less ‘dangerous’ sport activities. With a new trend dictated by ATVs (four-wheelers) the major part of the club reoriented itself toward practicing this sport on testing grounds and motocross tracks, and in quagmires and snowfields. Lauris (Laurynas Kudakas) and Linelis (Linas Bacevičius) became the leading men of the Racing Team.

2010: The Moto Brothers reached a decision to become members of the Lithuanian Motorcycle Sport Federation that actively renewed its activities, and participated in this year’s endurance rallies and endurocross.

2011: The club offered the position of the leader of the Moto Brothers Racing Team and Vito (Vitalijus Liniovas) became the first official team leader. Darėnas (Darius Vaičiukynas) joined ‘mud brothers’.

2012: Arnas (Arnas Butautas) decided to participate in ring races, any persuasions to change his mind were in vain, we were forced to help him and rejoice over results. Good results were achieved in parallel with ATVs; Lauris (Laurynas Kudakas) and Hansas (Linas Baltrušaitis) defended the honor of the club. Linas Bacevičius discovered motocross bikes and plunged headfirst into motocross. Linas Bacevičius took the wheel of the Moto Brothers Racing Team. Starting from this moment, we raced in:

  • Ring road competitions
  • ATV endurance rallies and endurocross.
  • Motocross

2013: The Moto Brothers Racing Team defined its goals regarding ‘ring road’ races. Due to their risks to health, the existing circuit conditions and the willingness to compete purposefully it was decided that team representatives would participate only in track day events but not in professional competitions.

As always we were happy to see that mud gods answered our prayers and our ‘mud brothers’ achieved good results.

The Crow (Kazimieras Čeponis) began showing his interest in water motorcycle sport and the goal was set to start practicing water motorcycle sport in 2005.



As a result of financial circumstances the plan Water was postponed for a year.


The Moto Brothers Racing Team added stand-up model water motorcycles to the park and drafted the 2017 training schedule. Water enthusiasts: Tautvis (Tautvydas Savickas) and the Crow (Kazimieras Čeponis).

The year witnessed the emergence of the first conversations about Dakar and the interest in the racing, which was followed by the gathering of information and the making of plans.

The general history of the ring road, moto sport and sprint races, including the history of the barely surviving Nemunas Ring of Kačerginė dating back to 2000, is worth a movie, an investigation carried out by public prosecutors and a prison cell without a window – simply owing to the fact that being in possession of such a facility, only the residents of Mordor could manage to squander granted funds and to practically destroy moto sport, however, we will discuss this in other essays.…