About Club

When a desire arises for making an exact list of the historical dates and most important events of the club, it becomes quite difficult to express everything in words and numbers because the history of the club involves not only facts but also emotions, the trends of the past times, the age of the participants in the story and the place where everything began…

The history of the club reflects the history of each person who has contributed to the foundation of the club – it is the collection of stories and experiences. What you are reading right now is only a brief description of how everything happened and the text simply cannot depict what will happen, since we create the history and legends of the Moto Brothers Club each day we spend together.

At the point in time when people referred to the period as the turn of the century, the Millennium, the end of the world or just the year 2000, the life of Kaunas City motorcyclists was divided into two halves. On the one side there were motorcycle clubs (MCs) existing for some time already and riding chopper- style motorcycles, and on the other side there were free motorcyclists riding motorcycles decorated with spoilers on a frequent basis as a rule and known as Crotch Rockets on an informal basis. Today, with a smile on the face, it is possible to engage in long discussions about the exact number of real sport bikes present in the former moto park, however, the fashion trend was clear in Kaunas. Small and insufficiently organized groups gathering together and most often consisting of acquaintances and friends used to cause quite a headache for previous law enforcement authorities. The Wild West – this is how it is possible to characterize the spirit of those times both in terms of geography and the time of the day.

The beginning of the 21st century witnessed the dawn of the active use of mobile broadband and the Internet, therefore it can boldly be stated that the founders of the club became familiar with each other through the help of this technology and met each other at a formerly popular petrol station located at Savanorių Avenue in Kaunas. With the passing of a few seasons during which some fell off once and others ended up on the ground more than onceJ, it became evident that there was a need for sharing experience and organizing activities in a more specific manner, and as a result, on February 16, 2004 it was announced that the first meeting would be arranged on February 25, 2004 and thoughts were voiced in relation to the necessity of common activities. This is how we saw the birth of Motomen Kaunas, the group of free motorcyclists having their own coat of arms, flag and goal to organize common activities, such as rides, celebrations and other pleasant matters. Each individual involved in the discussion of a topic in the Internet forum of Motomen Kaunas could become a member of the previously existing group and provide an input into the community to the right degree and to the extent necessary according to him.

After just one year elapsed, the 10-member group decided to found a club/brotherhood with specific goals, tasks, activity directions and structure. In 2005 the following persons became the founders of Moto Brothers Kaunas 1900 RC:

  • Kazimieras Čeponis
  • Andrėjus Savčenko
  • Edvardas Liakas
  • Roman Barysnikov
  • Rolandas Krencius
  • Darius Pažėra
  • Vytautas Vitkus
  • Vitalijus Liniovas
  • Paulius Cicėnas
  • Linas Bacevičius
  • Having succeeded in fulfilling the tasks set for the first year, the Moto Brothers Club singled out the three main directions of its activities:
  • To become an active and recognized motorcycle club within Lithuanian and foreign biker communities;
  • To develop sport activities for motorcyclists; and
  • To participate in public activities.

Being a riding club (RC), we had a possibility to create our own internal code of conduct quite freely and today in 2016 when these lines are being written, the club has:

  • A clear structure, hierarchy and internal code of conduct;
  • A budget;
  • A clubhouse – club premises; and
  • Specific goals set for each year.

2006: The Moto Brothers Club became a member of the Lithuanian Biker Congress.

2007: The Moto Brothers Racing Team was founded in the club.

2008: The Moto Brothers Club became a member of the National Motorcycle Sport Federation.

2010: The Moto Brothers Club became a member of the Lithuanian Motorcycle Sport Federation.

2016: The Moto Brothers Club became a member of the Working Group on Rights of Motorcyclists, which was founded in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, to represent the Lithuanian Biker Congress.

Each direction of the club activities implies that in a certain sphere there is a contribution made and active work done by each club member. Each year of the lifetime of the club was fraught with challenges and full of tasks that had to be put into practice so that the club would become a strong organization with the future. The period of maturity was neither sweet nor easy for the organization, however, the club only strengthened with each year and each new lesson learned.

Travelling is an inseparable part of the club activities. The year 2005 witnessed the birth of an annual tradition to set out on trips and rides in town or on trips lasting for a couple of days in Lithuania and also to visit overseas countries.

  • 2005: Daugavpils (Latvia).
  • 2006: Ventspils (Latvia).
  • 2007: Tartu (Estonia).
  • 2008: Brno (Czech Republic).
  • 2009: St. Petersburg (Russia).
  • 2010: Odessa (Ukraine).
  • 2011: Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia (Poland).
  • 2012: Hamburg (Germany).
  • 2013: Königsberg or Kaliningrad.
  • 2014: Minsk (Belarus).
  • 2015: Budapest (Hungary).
  • 2016: Chișinău (Moldova).
  • 2017: Czech – Austria
  • 2018: Ventspils (Latvia).


Travelling can have different purposes, however, the essential ones, i.e. to discover, experience and become acquainted, and the ride format Only club members go remain the same to date.

During each tour we visited not only the destination city but also an abundance of museums and tourist attractions, and rode along the night streets of a number of cities at a fast and slow pace. Short journey descriptions can be read by accessing the Travelling column and photographs can be viewed by accessing the album of that year. The list of our visited places is available in the yearly column.

It is worth noting that the first premises of the club, the Clubhouse, were founded in 2008.

The Moto Brothers Racing Team deserves a separate story; having been inspired by and based on youthful maximalism, the racing team is grateful to its pioneer Vitalijus Liniovas for the formation of the direction of these club activities and to all the racers who were engaged in them for their work and time. You can find the description of the formation process and team members in the Moto Brothers Racing Team section.

It is only natural that in the course of time new members have joined the club and somebody has left the club. What matters is that everybody has done their share in creating what we have today and can boldly take pride in it.